Is there any interest in this idea?

Automatically have a little copyright icon added to all your posts with your choice of copyright license.

I’ve seen someone around here manually adding a copyright statement to most of their posts and thought I’d see if others would be into it. It’d be unobtrusive and incorporated into the UI, rather than a piece of text in the post.

Your thoughts?

    43 months ago

    It’s a valid idea for posts with original content. With all the pearls I cast before swine, I probably should at least put a CC-BY-ND license on my—ahem—humble screeds.

    If you’re suggesting this becomes a part of the UI, unless you know how to program I’d say get in line.

    I don’t know (because I don’t really care) if over in the Lemmy laboratory they’re working adding an email-like automatic signature option but if so, you could always add your license of choice as a signature. Ciao!