Is there any interest in this idea?

Automatically have a little copyright icon added to all your posts with your choice of copyright license.

I’ve seen someone around here manually adding a copyright statement to most of their posts and thought I’d see if others would be into it. It’d be unobtrusive and incorporated into the UI, rather than a piece of text in the post.

Your thoughts?

    93 months ago

    This seems like the kind of thing that would be ideal to be built into Lemmy (or whatever other fediverse product) and set at an instance level. Pick an instance which sets a policy you agree with, have it automatically applied to every post and comment made on that instance, and critically have it not displayed as comment text on every single post you see when browsing.

    The main gripe that people seem to have with having it in a comment’s text is that it’s just noise to most readers, this seems like it could solve that issue.