I was curious what the Linux people think about Microsoft and any bad practices that most people should know about already?

    • @greyw0lv@lemmy.ml
      81 month ago

      Apple is highly restrictive on their OS and over priced. They are extremely pro consumerism with heavy marketing and engineered obsolescence to ensure you are always pressured to buy their new tech, and they are historically very strongly anti-right-to-repair.

      Microsoft is bad. But at least they are primarily a software monopoly.

    • Sonotsugipaa
      1 month ago

      I’m not sure, at least the unrepairable mess made by Microsoft is software rather than hardware - you can reinstall a janky OS but you can’t unexplode a phone that disassembled itself when you sneezed in its general direction.

      There’s no fine line between the two companies.

      Edit: they continuously fucked up Halo in unexcusable ways, fuck them, they’re worse than Apple. Forgot about that.