Release Notes

v0.24.0 - 2023-12-27

✨ New Features

  • Added manager for installing, updating and uninstalling scrapers and plugins. (#4242)
  • Added support for enabling and disabling plugins in the UI. (#4141)
  • Added support for plugin settings. (#4143)
  • Added support for plugin assets, external scripts and CSP overrides. (#4260)
  • Added UI plugin API to better support UI-based plugins. (#4256)
  • Added Studio Code and Photographer to Galleries. (#4195)
  • Added Details, Studio Code and Photographer to Images. (#4217)
  • Added scene framerate filter. (#4161)
  • Added option to Duplicate Checker to select all files except the highest resolution. (#4286)

🎨 Improvements

  • Show Performer image in Performer select list. (#4227)
  • Match Performers by alias during scraping and tagging if no Performer is found with the exact name (only if a single performer is found with the alias). (#4182)
  • Show Performer disambiguation and add stash-box links to Studio in tagger results. (#4180)
  • Show endpoints with stash ids. (#4216)
  • Load card thumbnails and similar images lazily when a component comes into view, instead of all at once. (#4228)
  • Made the random sorting more random. (#4246)
  • Added more VR projection modes. (#3799)
  • Improved the filtering behaviour when selecting a folder. (#4277)
  • Added support for setting plugins path from the UI. (#4382)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed submitting to stash-box not working after switching to another scene using the queue. (#4354)
  • Fixed UI crash when clearing a value from a URL or alias list. (#4344)
  • Fixed panic when exporting galleries. (#4311)
  • Fixed error when setting performer height with decimals. (#4283)
  • Fixed Performer stash ids being overwritten instead of merged when saving a Performer in the Performer tagger. (#4215)
  • Fixed organized being set to false if Mark as Organized on save is false when saving a scene in the tagger. (#4213)
  • Fixed URLs not populating correctly when scraping galleries. (#4206)
  • Fixed not being able to click next/previous scene if the applicable scenes had not been loaded by the queue. (#4325)
  • Fixed confirmation dialog not appearing on some screens when using the delete keyboard shortcut. (#4387)
  • Fixed desktop notifications not appearing on macos. (#4153)
  • Fixed video sometimes pausing when clicking on the scene scrubber. (#4295)
  • Fixed file paths not being shown when deleting image clips. (#4323)
  • Fixed image o-counts not being included in stats page. (#4386)
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