• @pearsaltchocolatebar
    306 months ago

    Code optimization has pretty much fallen by the way side since ram prices keep going down and cpu performance keeps improving.

    Why spend the time if you don’t have to?

    Browsers are some of the worst culprits.

    • @noctisatrae@beehaw.org
      126 months ago

      Just for the sake of a beautiful audited and blazingly fast codebase that tuns qo good that Raspberry Pi user can run your stuff too.

      I love optimisation!

    • @jarfil@beehaw.org
      116 months ago

      Browser canvas is one of the worst culprits: it has to keep a buffer with an uncompressed bitmap several screens in size.

      Old browsers used to keep a single screen worth of canvas buffer, then redraw stuff as you scrolled… which made it a horrible experience. You can still find some of that with “clever” web designs where they replace fonts or move things dynamically as you scroll.

      Then you have websites with “infinite scroll” that just keep increasing the canvas buffer size more and more and more, to infinity and beyond… and people wonder why their Facebook or Reddit tabs use so much RAM.

    • @MalReynolds@slrpnk.net
      86 months ago

      premature optimization is the root of all evil - Donald Knuth

      which does not excuse a total lack of optimization, but gotta hit those kpi’s

      • @drre@feddit.de
        16 months ago

        if it remember it correctly it was said in relation to algorithm optimization > code optimization