• @delirious_owl
    02 months ago

    Bread crumbs to appease the plebeians to prevent a revolution. Zoom out. The government is there to protect corporate interests

    • @BossDj@lemm.ee
      42 months ago

      Toxic cynicism isn’t super healthy. Research some members of Congress to find the ones who are in it for the good of people. My senators from Oregon seem to really want to help. I’m a huge AOC fan

      But I get it. Especially in election years, and especially in US since citizens United we see little prizes that maybe could have come sooner

      Anytime FDA protects beef or milk interests, sure.

      Some Supreme Court members are in it for the cash.

      There’s tons of corruption, but the examples above were legitimate.

      It’s also really hard to tell what your own members would do if they had full control of their chamber