There is not a single reason for any human to get access to alcohol to drink.

Edit 1:

Just to add the people who say that banning does not work is like saying banning guns does not work because people is going to find a way to get them or like saying we should not have speed limits because it does not prevent people from speeding. (Their opinions does not make sense to me)

  • @pearsaltchocolatebar
    53 months ago

    So, I agree in the sense that studies have found that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption, although I’d advocate for the are to be raised to 25 (when the brain finishes developing).

    The problem with banning alcohol is that you can easily make it at home, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can kill yourself or others.

    Throughout human history, prohibition on mind altering substances has utterly failed. The brain likes drugs and people will find a way to do them.

    All prohibition is going to do is open up a black market and increase the danger to the population by putting money in the hands of criminals.

    Portugal did it right and decriminalized everything, then set up a robust rehab infrastructure. They’ve seen problem drug use plumit as a result. Legalization and regulation will always be a better option than prohibition.

    Your example of speeding doesn’t fit because drugs, alcohol, and guns are a commodity. You can’t manufacture and smuggle speeding.