Hear me out, the mascot is a freaking chameleon, that’s cool as shit man.

Also it’s a German engineered distro, German engineering wins again!

Zypper is just a funnier name for a package manager and it has Tumbleweed which is arch but actually doesn’t break for once!

Your rebuttal?

  • @bsergay
    513 days ago

    IIRC, it was related to Fedora Atomic. Out of the box, Fedora Atomic offers functionality that’s very close to what you’d expect from Btrfs snapshots. It doesn’t use Snapper, but instead relies on (rpm-)ostree; at least, that’s my understanding of it. So, in order to make Fedora Atomic more palatable and attractive, this feature was not directly built into Fedora. Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘politics’ play a role in this; Snapper is kinda like openSUSE’s project. While Fedora Atomic’s implementation is Fedora’s take. Unfortunately, it happens to be (by design) not available on traditional Fedora.