Hear me out, the mascot is a freaking chameleon, that’s cool as shit man.

Also it’s a German engineered distro, German engineering wins again!

Zypper is just a funnier name for a package manager and it has Tumbleweed which is arch but actually doesn’t break for once!

Your rebuttal?

  • @bsergay
    413 days ago

    Arch does not just randomly break

    You might be right. However, the experiences of my own and many others seem to ‘contradict’ this.

    FWIW, I’ve run Arch and EndeavourOS in the past. And, for some reason, (seemingly) entirely out of the blue, it just stopped booting. I put in some effort with troubleshooting. But, at some point, I just got tired and/or didn’t ever want to deal with this anymore and left it for what it is. I’ve left Arch behind me ever since.

    To be fair, I’ve had a similar experience with Nobara. So, this is not necessarily an ‘Arch-thing’. However, a significant part of the community has experienced similar issues on non-stable distros (i.e. distros that don’t have a slow release cycle).

    While I’d be the first to admit that this is (perhaps) merely a skill issue, the fact of the matter is that similar experiences on other OSes are practically non-existent. Hence, it’s a hard sell to someone that has enjoyed ‘stability’ in the past.