Hear me out, the mascot is a freaking chameleon, that’s cool as shit man.

Also it’s a German engineered distro, German engineering wins again!

Zypper is just a funnier name for a package manager and it has Tumbleweed which is arch but actually doesn’t break for once!

Your rebuttal?

  • @bsergay
    312 days ago

    Not the person you asked, but wanted to offer my 2 cents.

    So you want rolling release, with lots of software installed and it should not break.

    • openSUSE Tumbleweed indeed seems like a logical fit.
    • If you’re fine with smaller projects, you could perhaps also consider
      • Garuda Linux: Arch-based with Btrfs snapshots and Snapper; similar to what openSUSE Tumbleweed utilizes
      • Siduction/SpiralLinux: both based on Debian’s rolling release; also with Btrfs snapshots and Snapper
    • If you’re okay with ‘immutable’ distros, consider the following
      • Fedora Atomic: current gold standard; the uBlue images specifically allow a very smooth transition
      • NixOS: more ‘powerful’ than Fedora Atomic, but ridiculous learning curve
      • blendOS: Arch-based. Small community and has only recently left alpha phase
    • @Toribor@corndog.social
      211 days ago

      Bazzite has finally got me to pay attention to Fedora derivatives again for the first time in like 15 years.

      • @bsergay
        111 days ago

        Granted; Fedora has always had relatively few derivatives. The same applies to openSUSE. While popularity definitely plays a role in this, there’s more going on in the background that’s out of scope for what this comment intends.

        But yeah, Bazzite is excellent. And so is Aurora, Bluefin, secureblue and many more.