I thought that the people here might find this thread on universeodon.com interesting.

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An explanation of two problems inherent to social media platforms from @siderea@universeodon.com

scale has social effects. Most technical people know that scale has technological effects. Same thing’s true on the social side, too.

difference in perspective between the governance parties and the end users

Explanation starts

End of thread

  • @psudo@beehaw.org
    38 months ago

    A lot of interesting things to digest in this thread. I think I’ve seen a lot of it, but this quote really resonated with me, being in the early wave of the Reddit migration to now:

    So you can’t tell, not for sure, how good a platform’s systems are for managing that kind of griefing until it gets big enough to really start attracting griefing at scale.

    • @ericjmoreyOP
      8 months ago

      It’s lengthy for sure. It could absolutely use some distillation. But it had me thinking about a lot.

      There’s a repetitive theme of limited perspectives not giving a good base of knowledge for future prediction or evaluation.